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Things to consider before buying a keyless door lock

People need the door locks to save their houses from burglars. The burglars have adapted different new methods to break the security systems of the homes. They have the keys which can unlock the doors and enter into the houses. When the burglars have upgraded their equipment, people also need to upgrade the locks of their homes. If they don’t improve the lock systems, they are vulnerable to burglaries. Bluetooth lock and keyless door lock can help people to save their homes from the burglars.

In this article, the benefits of using a keyless door lock are mentioned for the people living in Australia.

Battery life

Before buying a keyless door lock, you should inquire about its battery life. Keyless locks operate on AA alkaline batteries or the rechargeable cells. It would be best if you ask the seller how long the battery will last. If it lasts for a longer time, you can buy the lock. You also need to ensure that there is any system installed in the lock which can tell about the battery percentage. If that system is installed in the locks, then it is best for you as you won’t be stuck outside of your house if the battery is dead.

Alternate entry options

Smart locks are the best for safety, but sometimes they are unreliable for you. If anything of the lock is damaged, it would be difficult for you to enter the house. In that case, you need an alternative entry option. These smart locks use the wifi and Bluetooth systems, but in case of emergency, you can enter the house with the help of pin code.

Auto-lock or unlock

Sometimes you or any other member of your house may forget to lock the house, and it is an open invitation to the burglars. So, before buying the best keyless door lock, you should inquire about auto-locking and unlocking systems. Some keyless door locks which are connected to your smartphones automatically open when you come near the house.

If you can manually set the distance for auto unlocking, it would be the best for you.

Installation process

Installing smart keyless locks is not an easy task for everyone. Only people who are aware of the technology can install these locks. You also need to know about the people who can install the locks into your house. It would be best if you also inquired whether your locks are compatible with a Bluetooth lock or not. After that, you can make the right decision.