security screen doors Gold Coast

Extra Security Through Screen Doors And Window Screens In Gold Coast

There is no better feeling than the assurance that we are safe and secure in our own homes. How can we be certain of this?

What can we do to ensure that our homes are secure in our absence? These  screens might go a long way in ensuring that our homes are safe and secure.

What then are security screen doors Gold Coast and window screens? How can we get them installed in Gold coast?

These screens offer protection from intruders. They also keep circulation and clean air in the room while keeping bugs out.

These screens can be installed in every door and window types.

Installing security screen doors

Ensure they meet the Australian Standards. They must are installed by a professional.

Ensure the hinges are well secured.

The Australian standards for installing these  screens:

1.AS-5039:  screen doors and security window grilles– deals with resistance to forced entry.

  1. AS 5040: Installation of security screen doors and window grilles-provides guidelines for installation.
  2. AS 5041: Methods of test- Security screen doors and window grilles- covers tests conducted to ensure efficiency

Choosing the right security screen door in Gold coast

  • They should all have three-point locks and recessed hinges.
  • They should meet the set Australian standards and be firm and sturdy.
  • Any repair work should be done by the person who installed it.
  • For more security, use reinforced frames built in the doorframe.

Examples of security screen doors

  • Marine Grade T316 Steel Mesh  Screens.
  • Aluminium Security Screens.
  • Structural Grade 304 Stainless Steel  Screens.
  • Crimsafe.

Security screen doors and window security screens providers in Gold Coast

  • Scorpio screens and blinds Gold Coast- The leading manufacturer and supplier of these  securities and fly screens in Gold Coast.
  • Clearshield-they use a manageable stainless screen. The screen can keep burglars out and is also nice to look at. They also have an escape feature incorporated in the design giving an exit in case of emergency.
  • Shades and shutter system- Their security screens are salt-air resistant and also wind resistant.
  • Goldco security group-Has been in business in Gold Coast for more than 30 years.
  • XL Screens and Awnings.
  • Stop thief security.

There is a need for improved security in buildings. Having  screen doors and window screens is one way of ensuring additional security in Gold Coast.