control room

Components of an Access Control System

A business owner must know who is coming and getting out of the facility at all times. However, keeping a track of this is usually a challenging task. But, it has to be done for security and safety’s sake. It can be costly hiring a security organization to watch the traffic flow and track it for you and that’s where a system like a control room comes into play.

This access control system lets you monitor when people enter and exit the system to help you to keep unauthorized people off. It also offers flawless access to those people who are authorized to be on the premises. The system is characterized by three primary mechanisms, including:

  • A controller
  • Locks
  • Lock enabling and disabling device

The Controller

The controller is a multi-level device which is programmed with software from a computer which manages the system. That’s where you do control access, create accounts, and look at entry and exit logs. Cost is normally a factor when it comes to how deep the reporting is from the controller. The more detailed the flexibility and options in programs, the more costly the system.

The Locks

The locks are either enabled or disabled according to a command from the central control system. There are two types of locking systems, which are magnetic and electric. Magnetic locks appear to be selected preferred more over electric ones. They appear to be a little more expensive but are beneficial as they are strong, piper perabo, powerful, and easy to install.  

Access Gadgets

Access gadgets are the most important part of the access control system. There are many different options out there in the field of access gadgets. It’s usually determined by the security level required by a facility. A high tech government establishment may be interested in carrying out a biometric scan rather than a passcode entry as it’s possible to pass along a code but is almost impossible to pass on the information required for a biometric scan. If you, however, want to provide access to your companies parking garage something simple, then a magnetic card reader is all that you require.

Final thought

Whatever type of business you’re in and whatever system you want whether a control room, entry and exit gate access system or even a door access system, ensure you research the various options and see which one suits your particular business the best.